May 29 – Brianna & Jake

Our final day in Adelaide began with a group reflection about our experiences in Australia. We discussed the sustainable practices we have seen and the actions we can take to make realistic sustainable choices in our own lives.

After the discussion, we headed to the Adelaide Central Market. We were tasked to complete an assignment comparing a traditional chain grocery store, a convenience style store and the marketplace. At the traditional grocery store and the convenience store, we found that a majority of the products such as bread and fruit, were individually packaged in plastic. At the Adelaide Central Market, it was apparent that there was a lack of packaging for most of the products, making them more sustainable. Many of us enjoyed lunch at the local venders within the market including Mediterranean, Korean and Japanese foods.

One of the many stands in the market.

After lunch, the remainder of the day was a free day where students were able to explore the city of Adelaide. The group split up and enjoyed activities such as shopping, visiting the South Australian Museum, watching the movie 2040 and riding electric scooters around the city!

Adelaide Central Plaza
There is art all over the city.
Entrance to Main Market Area

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