June 2 -Nathaniel & Andrea

The first visit today was to a syntropic farm. This form of farming doesn’t require any form of irrigation because the practice involves planting a plant or tree that retains water next to a tree that is “thirsty” that requires more water. This particular farmer used eucalyptus trees (thristy) and banana trees (retainer). This type of farming helps combat drought by requiring little amounts of water in comparison to conventional practices, which is a huge problem in Australia. These plants don’t compete with one another because they grow to a different height level and receive varying amounts of sunlight.

The next stop was to Lake Eacham, which was formed in volcanic eruptions. The group walked around to enjoy the scenery and swim in the blue water.

The third site visit for the day was to Gallo chocolate and cheese factory. We saw the entire life cycle of their products in the milking of the cow to the retail in their shop. They are one of the last family owned and operated farms in the area, having success in the rise of industrial farms. 

Lastly, we all went on a sunset canoe trip with our tour guide Paul! We spent hours canoeing and searching for tree kangaroos. We all had so much fun and thankfully this time no one tipped.

Group flag picture in front of a curtain fit tree.
Lake Eacham
Flag picture at the syntropic farm.
An example of syntropic farming, with the banana tree as a retainer.

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